CRESTED BUTTE RV RESORT POLICIES- This is a binding legal contract, read carefully. Failure to be in compliance with the following policies may result in your reservation being cancelled, not being allowed access to the park, or being asked to leave after arrival.

Tents, Tent trailers, pop-up campers, A-liner tent trailers if not equipped with toilets, Volkswagen camper vans, campers with canvas/fabric slide-outs or exterior material, tiny homes, horse trailers, home-made campers, workers/laborers for jobs in the area, sleeping in trucks or vans that are not self-contained campers with fully functioning toilet.
No more than 2 dogs per site, no exceptions!

*******************************SUMMER SEASON POLICIES BELOW:

Crested Butte RV Resort is a small, family owned slice of paradise. This is our HOME! We value the integrity of the property over revenue! Only registered campers are permitted on our property. You are OUR guest, please DO NOT invite guests without our approval or they may be asked to leave. All registered campers and approved visitors MUST display valid parking pass ($), and parking is limited. Guests can not leave vehicles onsite for the day without purchasing a parking pass.

WE DO NOT HAVE A DUMP STATION OR SEWER CONNECTIONS! Refunds will not be given based on sewer access. Dump station located in town 2 miles away, and in Gunnison. We are not responsible for any local dump station closures.

Office hours are limited and are posted on the front door. Office is normally open 8:30am-11am, 6 days/week and Sunday by appointment. After hours, for special needs or emergencies, contact the resort owner, Cari at 970-596-5093.
Check-in is at 3:00pm and check-out time is noon. Late check-out time, by 3pm, may be accommodated if approved and available for $25. If site is not vacated by 3pm, an additional night will be charged and departure may still be required.

Tent trailers, pop-up campers, hybrid campers, A-liner tent trailers, tents, truck toppers, volkswagon camper vans, conversion vans, campers with canvas/fabric slide-outs, beds or exterior material, tiny homes, horse trailers, home-made campers, workers/laborers for jobs in the area, sleeping in trucks or vans that are not fully self-contained campers with fully functioning gray and black waste tanks.

Only newer(less than 20 years old), self-contained (functioning water & sewer holding tanks with toilets) camping vehicles are allowed. If your RV is older than 20 years, entry is subject to prior approval. Interior and exterior photographs must be sent to the owner's in advance. If your camping unit does not qualify upon arrival or after site occupancy, you will be asked to leave and will be responsible for the original reservation in full. CBRV reserves the right to inspect any camper onsite or upon arrival. Failure to meet requirements will be denied occupancy without a refund.

Reservations are held with a 50% deposit. Your reservation is not secure until reservation has been approved, deposit payment has been processed and received. Reservations made online are not confirmed until dates, site assignment, and camper unit is accepted by owners and payment is processed. Credit card information is used to charge for a 50% deposit, for final payment, and to charge in the event of a cancellation. Reservations made before February 15 will be required to keep a 7 night minimum stay, and reservations made before May 15 will be required to keep a minimum 5 night minimum stay. Refunds will not be given when shortening length of stay. Reservations are not transferable without management approval.

We are a very small park, with a very short season, and are located “at the end of the road”. For these reasons, our cancellation penalties are significant. Reservations made within 21 days of stay will be charged for full reservation at the time of booking, refunds will not be given regardless if the site is re-booked for any period of time.

Cancellation and Change penalties apply * PLEASE READ *:
Cancellations more than 45 days prior to reservation will be refunded the deposit, less the amount for one night stay.
Cancellations between 21 and 45 days prior to reservation will not be refunded the 50% deposit.
Cancellations of 21 days or less will be charged for the entire balance of the reservation, which is the remaining 50% due. Sites associated with cancellations will be made available to other guests. The ability to re-rent the site will not affect cancellation policies.
When the reservation is made for 5 days or more, before May 15, changes below 5 night stay will be charged for a 5 night minimum. Other changes to existing reservations, that reduce the number of nights, will be handled with the same policy timeline as cancellations.
When still meeting the 5 night minimum, other changes made between 21 and 45 days prior will be charged 50% for the number of nights the reservation is reduced by.
Changes with 21 days notice or less, will be charged the full amount. If payment is not made for cancellations, future reservations will not be accepted until previous amount is paid in full.
No-show or no-call cancellations will be charged an additional $25.00 fee for failing to communicate cancellation plans. Sites associated with No-show or no-call cancellations will be made available for other guests.
Reservations will be held for 24 hours from the check-in time of 3pm. After 24 hours your reservation will be terminated unless other arrangements are made for a late arrival.
Applicable state, county, and lodging taxes will be charged. (9%)
Refunds cannot be given due to wildfire, pandemic, weather or other natural disasters.

In order to remain in compliance with HOA occupancy limits, Site occupancy is limited and strictly monitored. Rates are based on double occupancy (2 people). Additional people will be charged $12/per person/per night and added to base rates. Final payment will be calculated for actual number of people. Maximum site occupancy allowed is 4 Adults - OR - One Family (2 adults and children under age 18, maximum of 6 people). Larger groups need to occupy an additional site.
Occupancy is limited to ONE of the following combinations per campsite:
a. One motor home with one vehicle (no trailers without prior approval)
b. One vehicle with travel trailer
c. One truck camper or approved Van
ONLY with prior approval and if space is available, an additional vehicle may be allowed for $20/nt. (typically not available in July or during festival seasons) We will give specific directions as to where the additional vehicle can be parked.
We cannot accommodate trailers that do not fit completely into reserved site. Approved trailers, fitting completely into site, will be charged $20/nt. If trailer doesn't fit completely into site, an additional site rental will be required. If an additional site is not available the trailer will not be allowed onsite and reservation refunds will not be given. Due to space limitations we cannot accommodate horse trailers.
All vehicles must display parking pass at all times.
Unregistered vehicles or visitors are NOT ALLOWED without prior approval. When visitors are approved, they must park where designated, cannot park overnight, and cannot leave their vehicle parked onsite when leaving for the day. Visitors are not allowed to bring dogs, NO EXCEPTIONS. A daily vehicle rate of $20 will be charged for guests.
While we will make every attempt to honor site requests, we cannot guarantee specific site assignments. We are a small park and sometimes need to rearrange reservations in order to accommodate guests as best we can. Refunds cannot be given due to site assignment.

Due to FEMA regulations, there is NO tent camping. Sleeping tents cannot be erected onsite. Shade canopies are allowed.

Maximum speed in the resort is 5 mph.
No generator use in campground.
Individual wood-burning fires are not permitted, however propane campfires are allowed. There is a communal fire ring and wood is provided.
Quiet time is from 10:00 PM to 8:00 AM.
Lighting must be shielded & downcast. No bright/obtrusive lighting. Please respect your neighbors and turn off outdoor lighting when retiring for the night.
Please respect all posted Private Property/No Trespassing signs.
Please respect posted Wetlands Area-Do Not Disturb.

Sewer connections/dump is not available onsite. Due to our location near wetlands and on the river way, Health Department regulations require ALL WASTE WATER MUST BE COLLECTED IN A CLOSED CONTAINER. (This includes dish water) NO grey/black water allowed to be discharged on the ground at any time. Waste water holding tanks can be emptied at several dump stations available in Gunnison County.
A $500 fine will be imposed for releasing ANY amount of black water onsite!
Water connections and sewer caps must be properly fitted to avoid leaks.
Water supply spigots are not to be used for cleaning or dish washing. No washing of vehicles or campers onsite. A $30 charge will be issued to anyone caught washing vehicles on site.

PET OWNERS-*PLEASE READ*: Pets MUST be registered and are charged $5/nt. Unregistered dogs will be charged $15/nt. Maximum of 2 pets per site, NO EXCEPTIONS! If we discover that you have more than 2 pets, you will be asked to leave without a refund.
Well-behaved pets are allowed on a leash at all times, or off-leash in our un-fenced pet area. Dogs are not allowed at the common area where the BBQ grill, picnic tables, and fire pit are located. Dogs are NEVER allowed on our manicured lawn, the grass area is maintained for guests NOT DOGS! We will reprimand pet owners if we see your dog on the lawn. Please do not walk your dog across the lawn to access the river. Access to the river is available from the dog area or by walking along the far side of the lawn. Barking or generally disruptive dogs will not be tolerated and your pet may be asked to leave. Dogs may be left inside your camper, so long as they WILL NOT bark. You will lose this privilege immediately if your pet disturbs anyone!
Pet exercise area is located at the back of the property adjacent to the river, opposite the common picnic area. Please respect posted boundary signs.
Pet waste must be picked up and disposed of. (bags provided)
Pets are subject to the same quiet hours as humans. 10pm-8am.
You may be charged for damage to the landscaping if your pet digs or disrupts flower beds and/or plant material.
Kennel service is available ½ mile away at Oh Be Dogful (970) 349-5047

To prevent attracting wildlife into the campground, store all food and food waste in your locked vehicle. Do not leave food containers outside your camper.
Put all trash inside camper unit or in dumpsters provided. Wildlife is known to visit the resort. (Bears, fox, coyotes, etc.) We are not responsible to damage caused by wildlife.

Private fishing permits must be purchased at the office BEFORE accessing the fishing area on the river, and passes must be displayed on your person while fishing, this is in accordance with HOA rules. Half and full days are available for $35 and $60. Fishermen who have not obtained a permit prior to accessing the river, will be charged accordingly. Additional fees may be assessed for fishing without permission, especially if HOA rules are not met.

Parents are to be responsible for their children’s actions at all times. Children under 14 will not be allowed to play in or around the river without supervision. Children 6 years of age and younger must be accompanied by an adult at all times.
Children under 14 must be at their campsites by 10:00 PM. Unless accompanied by an adult.
Be advised that we are located in a commercial area and commercial traffic can present a potential danger to pedestrians, pets and children, please use appropriate caution when using roads to and from the resort.

Discounts are not valid for the month of JULY (1st-31st), or the last 2 weeks in September. Nightly stays in July and Sept will qualify for minimums required to meet weekly & monthly discounts for June/August/Sept/Oct.
We do offer a weekly discount, after the first 2 weeks, of 10% off (14-29 days). Monthly discounts of 15% are offered for stays over 30 days (incomplete months, after the first 30 days, can be pro-rated). Discounts apply to base nightly rate, not to additional people, pets, or vehicles. Weekly and monthly visitors must be qualified, which includes working and/or residing outside of Gunnison County.
We offer a Military, Veteran, and Law Enforcement discount of 10% off total rate. Please show appropriate ID.
Discounts will be taken off manually, from deposit and balance due.

We DO NOT offer:
Sewer connections or a dump station on site.
Pull-through sites.
Cable TV.
Concrete Pads.
Park models.
Tent camping.
Workforce housing.
Reliable Wi-fi: We have the fastest and best service available in our area. We make every effort to provide this service, however it cannot be guaranteed.

As a family friendly campground we reserve the right to ask any camper or visitor, whose conduct, in our opinion, is causing a disturbance, interfering with the orderly operation, or breaking the rules of the campground to leave the premises, along with all occupants of that site. This includes violations to our pet policy. Loud and disorderly conduct will not be tolerated. Refunds will not be given if we have to ask you to leave. Refunds will not be given if you are not in compliance with ANY of our policies, or if you fail to read or understand our policies. Refunds cannot be guaranteed in the event of a National disaster, National or State emergency,
Wildfire, weather related events, natural disasters, public health orders or other unexpected closures.
By clicking “agree” and completing the reservation, you agree to and confirm that you have read and understand all terms included in this document.
These policies are specifically designed to enhance the enjoyment for all our guests!